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      Shop Innovative yet Durable Continental Tyres UAE

      Continental is a German-based company that is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the industry. Continental tyres are best in terms of providing lower fuel consumption, minimum rolling resistance, maximum grip on road surfaces, etc. That is why these tyres provide maximum safety for a wide range of vehicles. If you want to enjoy these features, then Protyres is the best place to purchase continental tires, as it only deals with genuine products.


      Salient Features of Continental Car Tyres

      When you prefer continental tyres Dubai for your vehicle, you will able to get the following array of features:


      Wide Range of Tyres

      Whether you are looking for winter tyres or summer tyres, Continental offers its customers a huge range of various season tyres like ContiPremiumContact 2, Continental ContiCrossContact LX2, CrossContact LX Sport, and ContiSportContact 5 SSR SUV, etc. So, you can enjoy different driving styles of electric vehicles and commercial vehicles with its innovative technologies.


      Road Safety with Excellent Braking

      The superb braking system of Continental Tyres Abu Dhabi is effective as it provides shorter braking distances, and you are able to control your vehicle at once. That is why these tyres are best to use in sports cars where you need extra control while driving at a fast speed.


      Maximum Grip

      Due to the outstanding grip of various products like ContiSportContact 3 and ContiSportContact 5, you can drive your sports cars on various surfaces, including dry roads and frozen roads. You can feel better control during cornering due to the precise steering provided by these tyres.


      Comfortable Driving

      With its noise-reducing technology, the tyres do not create noise and give you a smooth journey with peace of mind. Furthermore, the rubber of these tyres is of such material that absorbs maximum shocks, and you are able to drive on gravel or rocky surfaces.


      ContiSeal Technology

      This technology is introduced by the Continental, where a damaged wheel tread is sealed in case of penetration of any sharp object. There is a sticky layer inside the tyres at the tread area that performs its role in sealing the damaged outer layer of the wheel. This sealing technology will not cause an emergency of a roadside tyre change.


      Reasonable Continental Tyres Price with Durability

      You are able to get tyres for heavy vehicles, passenger cars, motorcycles, etc., at reasonable rates with a higher life span because of lesser rolling resistance.



      These tyres are best in terms of saving natural resources by lowering fuel consumption. You can go for its ContiSportContact 5 SSR, CrossContact UHP, and ContiSportContact 6, etc., for high fuel efficiency that saves you costs in the long run.


      Various Size Availability

      Various Continental Tyres like CrossContact UHP and PremiumContact 6 are available in various sizes so that you can get the perfect fitting according to the rim and tread.
      Remember to buy continental tyres only from authentic platforms to get the original products that offer you enjoyable driving experiences.


      Why ProTyres is the Ultimate Platform for High-performance Tyre

      Protyres is the right place to shop for original Continental all-season tyres. It also provides free services like wheel balancing, fitting, nitrogen gas filling, etc. You need to select the fitting center location where you want to receive our services. This freedom allows you to enjoy a balanced driving experience by fitting the four-season tyres from experts.
      Because of our excellent customer service, you can ask any query at any time regarding the features of various tyres and the selection of the appropriate options according to the model of your vehicle. Or you can finalize important things like fitment details or inquire about various design features, etc.


      Frequently Asked Questions


      What is the best platform to shop for Continental tyres near me?

      ProTyres is the best place to buy Continental tyres online as it provides all the excellent quality tyres at reasonable prices. You have access to an extensive range of tyres suitable for various types of vehicles. Along with continental run-flat tyres, here you have other tyre brands as well, like Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Bfgoorich etc.


      How to get Continental premium tyres at promotional prices?

      We provide discount offers from time to time on various tyres of Continental. So, you need to remain connected with the Our official website to get discount tyre prices.