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Off Road Tires

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      Are you planning an adventure? Or driving in the desert, locating the perfect offroad tires from is only a couple of clicks away. Our tires’ outstanding performance lets you drive off-road with no sweat, a firm grip, high endurance, and superb traction.



      ProTyres offers a wide selection of  Offroad tyres that accommodate the needs of a wide range of cars, types of driving and budgets. Our catalog includes tyres to suit every scenario – from budget to premium 4×4 tyres.

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      BENEFITS OF ProTyres

      Protyres strives to make ordering new Online Offroad tyres simple, fast and cost-effective. Customers who purchase new tyres through Protyres have many advantages like:

      • We carry tyres for all 4×4 vehicles and the driving styles.
      • We collaborate with the UAE’s most extensive network of independent garages in the UAE.
      • A digital tyre fitting reservation system that lets you prepare ahead.



      All-Terrain tyres are the best choice If you like having their 4X4 vehicles on and off the road,. These tyres will be at ease while driving along the highway or exploring the desert and wadis.
      All-terrain tyres are constructed with a super-durable compound and can easily last for more than 100,000 miles before the need for a change. They provide a solid grip and perfect control of the vehicle’s traction through muddy roads, highways or deserts, rough terrains, etc.


      Mud Terrain tyres are suitable for those using their car exclusively off-road. They tend to be 70% off-road and 30% road-inclined. To take on tough environments, a tyre has tread patterns wide between the tread blocks for the best grip and traction on the road.
      Since mud terrain tyres are designed for off-road use, their road performance can be a slightly less. This is evident in the noise of the on-road tyres and the wet braking distances. We don’t recommend this tyre to an owner of a 4×4 vehicle who travels a lot of distances on the roads.


      We are aware that each driver has a distinctive way of life, and we suggest that before you purchase a new tire for your 4×4, take into consideration the following areas:

      • Durability
      • Weather performance
      • Dry grip and wet grip
      • Handling
      • Road noise



      From the most costly to the least expensive tires, Pro Tyre Shop has an extensive range of high-quality offroad tyres Dubai market that keep you on your toes, but they have a group of experts who can make the process effortless.
      ProTyres  Shop has a broad selection of the most sought-after offroad tires Sharjah available online. Through their various services, the customers receive the best customer support for offroad tires UAE, Dubai and Sharjah. Protyres also provide discounts on fittings and discounts, as well as other options.
      Our company also offers the lowest rates in offroad tires Abu Dubai and worldwide. If you want to buy offroad tyres from UAE, Dubai or Sharjah.