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Accelera Tires

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      Accelera is a well-known brand in the auto industry due to its exceptional performance and stunning quality of its products. The company aims to create the safest tires that provide a firm grip, a smooth ride, and a secure driving experience.

      The tires made by Accelera are equipped with Delta Max technology. They also use the silica compound for excellent control on dry or wet roads. They are specifically designed for long-distance driving without a rise in emissions of carbon dioxide and noise. So, Accelera alpha tires provide security and comfort for the car’s passengers and drivers.


      Accelera Ultra-High-Performance Tires

      The multi-purpose PHI tire has been designed for all seasons and offers better road handling and flexibility on various terrains. The medium-sized lateral groove of the tire can provide more resistance to roll and improves wet handling. PHI tires offer flexibility and a firm road grip thanks to its straight medium rib. More stable cornering and less noise are made possible with a shoulder block.

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      Accelera All Passenger Tyres

      The most well-known tire produced by Accelera is Eco Plush. Accelera company can be described as Eco Plush. An all-season tire for cars that passengers use is designed to feature three central ribs, which provide outstanding grip and reduce noise. Alongside an overall groove, smaller diagonal grooves allow for improved water evacuation, resulting in improved water handling and traction. The center ribs are equipped with adaptive sipes that offer improved rolling, braking, and traction when moving faster.


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